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About Us

Arlington Ridge Civic Association

The civic association was established in 1970, and serves the community bounded by Four Mile Run, S. Grant Street, Army Navy Drive, S. Joyce St. and S. Lang Street. Map of the CommunityThe association monitors things of interest to the residents of this community, including development, traffic, air quality, schools, neighborhood conservation, and represents the community in its interaction with the various Arlington County departments.
Stay in Touch With Us: A bi-monthly print newsletter is delivered to all residents in the community. Join the ARCA ListServ to receive the monthly e-newsletter, and also late-breaking news and reminders of newsworthy events in the neighborhood.
To join the ARCA listserv, please email us at ARCA holds its membership meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month in January, March, May, July, September and November at the Aurora Hills Community Center, 735 S. 18th Street. The Membership year runs from July 1 to June 30.

ARCA Officers and Committee Chairs

Elected to office for a term of one year in July, 2013 Contact your Executive Board at


President:  Arthur Fox:; 703-271-4110
Vice President:  Elizabeth Wirick: : 703-521-3191
Vice President:  Lisa Gammon:  703-521-4190
Vice President:  Meredith Dodge: 719-534-3074
Secretary:  Mike Hill: 703-501-8805
Treasurer:  Brenda Pommerenke: 703-684-9383
Communications:  Maggie Gaffen: 703-684-7359


NCAC (Neighborhood Conservation)
Natasha Pinol:
Beautification: Chick Walter: 703-519-9487
CCCRC (Crystal City Citizens Review Council
Susan English: 703-549-6554
Rich Kelly: 703-622-4260
ARCA History: Dick Herbst: 703-892-5290
Membership: Lisa Gammon: 703-528-4890
Schools: Elizabeth Wirick
Transportation: Elizabeth Wirick
22202 Neighbors United (Villages)
Diane Litman: 703-920-7638
Linc Cummings: 703-548-2611
Website: Maggie Gaffen: 703-684-7359
Zoning:  Arthur Fox

Biographies of the Executive Board
ARCA Bylaws  Updated 10/4/2012