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ARCA Memo to Planning Commission in Response to Amazon HQ2 Plan

[ 1 ] July 23, 2019 |

Below is the memo sent to the Arlington Planning Commission concerning JBG Smith’s application to build two 300′ tall office buildings for Amazon’s Headquarters.




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  1. Sarah says:

    Hello members of Arlington Ridge, I am resident of Riverhouse apartments and love it here. I love the crickets, trees and the peace we have. I am happy here because I can walk and see dogs and neibhors smile. We hare happy because we have nature. Other part of pentagon city have cranes, fancy buildings and retail. However, as I see in my work, the retail, whole foods etc bring homeless people, bugs, rodents and noise. People over there have everything but they dont look happy. I love it here and urge people to come to the meeting with JBC Smith Tuesday August 6th at 7pm in the James Building at 1111 Army Navy Drive. This company seems to own the world, they have so much money and power. But I believe in government. That there is more to life than making more money. Sometimes less is more. Amazon will be fine. There is plenty of space in crystal city and potomac yards. Let us be heard. Write to the board, call them. Change begins in the local level. Thank you.