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River House Up-Zoning Planned?

[ 0 ] September 10, 2021 |

THE FUTURE OF RIVER HOUSE  (ARCA Newsletter, Sept. 2021)
Current Information from County website

Given its proximity to the Metro station, the County effectively annexed the River House to Pentagon City, at least for purposes of its Study which calls for upzoning the property from its current ceiling of 47, to 150 apartments per acre or roughly 5,000+ units.  And to achieve that growth, the Study recommends construction of many new buildings to fill the open space on the property.
While structures immediately adjacent to the single family homes on 16th Street will not exceed 4 stories, or 8 stories if within 150 feet of the property line; beyond that the new buildings on the southern portion of the property can be as tall as the Ashley.  However, new structures in the northern portion of the property will be able to exceed the height of the existing buildings.  The Study also reroutes Joyce Street onto River House property.

Proposed River House Development in 2015

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