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Voting! Everything You Need to Know for 2021

[ 0 ] October 7, 2021 |

Vote – You have lots of options for Voting in the Virginia General Election this fall!

Everything you need to know about voting in Arlington is available on or through the County Voting & Elections website.

You can vote early in person – through October 30: Check out details on this County page.

Unfortunately we do not have an early voting site in our neighborhood for this election. The primary site is Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, where you can vote M-F 8AM-5PM. You can also vote here – and at either Courthouse Plaza, the Walter Reed Community Center (the closest one to our neighborhood), or Madison Community Center on Saturdays in October – and on Sunday, October 24!

Request a vote by mail ballotAll voters are eligible to vote a mail ballot. You do not need a reason to vote by a mail ballot. However, you must request a mail ballot (through October 22)You will not be sent one automatically. Request a Mail Ballot Online, You can mail your ballot back, drop it off in a Drop Box, or drop it off at the County registrar’s office. Read more about requesting and using mail ballots in Virginia here.

Use our drop box: If you requested and receive a mail ballot, you may fill it out, sign the envelopes, seal your marked ballot in its envelopes – and place it in the ballot drop box outside of the Aurora Hills Community Center (735 18th St S), ANYTIME between now and Election Day! This is a safe, secure, convenient, and easy way to vote if you requested a ballot. Read more here.

Make sure you are registered to vote – Deadline to register for November 2 election is Tuesday, October 12.

Check your voter registration before you go to vote! Check online or call the Office of Voter Registration at 703-228-3456. Make sure your record is accurate and current.

If you are not registered, are you qualified to vote? How do you apply? Everything you need to know is here.

Know what offices and issues are on the ballot BEFORE you vote! We will be electing the Commonwealth Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegate by Districk. We will also elect one County Board member and one school board member, as well as vote on four County bond issues. Read more here. You can find links to specific candidate information through this Commonwealth site.

Bring an appropriate ID if you vote in person – or sign an ID Confirmation Statement if you forget! Virginia no longer requires a photo ID to vote. Many other documents without photos are now acceptable. And if you don’t have an ID with you, just sign the ID Confirmation Statement! Read about your ID options here.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2. All polling places will be open for voting from 6AM until 7PM.

We have 8 polling places in our neighborhood. If you plan to vote in person on November 2, please verify where your precinct polling place is before going because you must vote at your assigned precinctYou can look it up hereYou can find maps and other information on polling places here.

Please vote!

(With thanks to our neighbor Pamela Van Hine who keeps us up-to-date on many issues)

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