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Pentagon City Plan final draft – Please Comment

[ 1 ] December 24, 2021 |

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Dear ARCA Members (everyone in ARCA neighborhood),

Arlington Ridge Civic Association (ARCA) is in the process of gathering member inputs and views on the final draft of the Pentagon City Plan. The plan seeks to provide an overarching vision for the Pentagon City of the future and is scheduled to be voted on by the County Board in February 2022. The Pentagon City plan includes short and long term goals for the area and provides an overarching guide for future development and policymaking.  The plan envisions substantial increases in density, including at RiverHouse, and significant multi-modal modification to the transportation network. It also recommends the development of a Master Plan for Virginia Highlands Park that would include a new elementary school and co-location or relocation of the community center/library.

ARCA has engaged with the County on the latest drafts of the plan and advocated for clearly defined goals for public parks and facilities (earlier in the development cycle) and defined metrics and mitigation plans to provide safeguards if density projections for transportation and schools, among others, are not accurate. We will continue to represent community member interests regarding the future of our neighborhood and would like to solicit your input on aspects of the plan that you like, dislike, and/or are concerned/confused about.

Please visit for links to the Pentagon City Planning Study, ARCA’s letter to the county on the second draft of the study, and comments received back from the County staff to ARCA’s letter and the questions asked in our November Membership meeting.

Pentagon City Planning Study

ARCA letter to the County on the second draft of the Pentagon City Planning Study

Staff Response to this letter


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  1. Lester Seigel says:

    Where are the PLANS??