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ARCA Officers and Committee Chairs

President Katie Buck 703-271-0208
Vice-President, External Affairs Arthur Fox 703-271-4119
Vice-President, External Affairs    
Vice-President, Internal Affairs Patty Joyce 703-283-2522
Vice-President, Internal Affairs Molly Watson 703-549-6457
Treasurer Paul Hammer 703-981-1294
Secretary Scott McCoy 703-683-0821
Communications Maggie Gaffen 703-684-7359
Transportation Dave Littman 703-920-7638
Susan English 703-549-6554
Planning and Zoning Nancy Swain 703-684-7830

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Crystal City Citizens’ Review Council (CCCRC) Katie Buck 703-271-0208
Rich Kelly 703-979-1409
NC Plan Sonali Soneji 703-867-6042
NCAC Representative Andrea Walker 703-838-6244
Michael Reamy (Alt) 703-683-7499
Membership Patty Joyce 703-283-2522
Beautification Bonnie Flynn 703-920-1157
Chick Walter 703-519-9487
Schools Laura Stone 703-549-5328
Newsletter Maggie Gaffen 703-684-7359
Webmaster Chris King 703-931-4842
Historian Dick Hebst  

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The Archive of past issues of the ARCA newsletter, financial statements, and minutes from ARCA meetings.

A map of the Arlington Ridge neighborhood.

ARCA Advertising Policy: At this time, advertising will not be accepted for either ARCA newsletter or listserv. This decision may be revisited if a volunteer is identified to manage the effort.

Contact: arcaneighbor@gmail.com