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Virginia to Extend 1-95/395 HOT Lanes north to D.C.Line

[ 0 ] March 20, 2016



After standing us up at our January meeting, VDOT and its private contractor/partner, TransUrban, will finally be on hand to fill us in on their plan to convert …

Upcoming School Capacity Crisis — ALL HANDS ON DECK!

[ 0 ] February 13, 2016

Good Schools Mean Good Neighborhoods!

Our Quality of Life, Housing Values are at stake!

Please: Attend a Meeting; Complete a Survey; Write to the School Board

The APS (School) Board is currently holding hearings on its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) …

Prospective Neighborhood Conservation Projects

[ 0 ] January 30, 2016

At the January 21, 2016 Membership Meeting,  Natasha Pinol, ARCA’s representative on the Arl. Co. NCAC (Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee), gave the membership an update on current NC projects. Natasha reported that two (2) ARCA NC projects have been approved …

Airport/Helicopter Noise Meeting, Dec. 16, 2015

[ 0 ] January 10, 2016

As ArlNow says: “ Residents’ concerns were stuck between federal air traffic regulations and required military practices throughout the metro area”.

Hosted by County Board chair Libby Garvey, the meeting is part of an ongoing effort to hear and address …

New South Arlington Elementary School for Thomas Jefferson site

[ 0 ] December 20, 2015

The final report of the South Arlington Working Group (SAWG) was submitted to the School Board Nov. 5. At its Dec. 15 County Board Meeting, the Arlington County Board voted 5-0 to approve the use of the northwest portion of the …