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22202 Neighbors United


Making Our 22202 Neighborhood a Community for All Ages

Neighbors helping neighbors enhance and extend a useful quality of life in their own homes: 22202 Neighbors United (22202 NU) has been established to meet the basic needs of 22202 residents in the near term. Love where you live, stay put in retirement with the help of the community.

Basic Service Offerings:
1)  Regular Check-In (call a neighbor regularly and/or after a power outage)
2) Information & Referral (familiarize folks with County, senior center programs (e.g., STAR cab to doctor); provide laminated listing of emergency numbers, frequently called numbers/contacts tailored to individual)
3) Running Errands (pick up/deliver items such as groceries, dry cleaning, prescriptions, mail, library books, etc.)
4) Assisting with Chores (help with gardening tasks such as weeding, planting, pruning, mulching, lawn mowing, raking; shoveling snow; organizing tasks such as making multiple appointments, creating filing system methodology, suggesting ideas for home reorganization/purging/de-cluttering/donations)
5)  Social Engagement (invite/meet a neighbor at a nearby park, restaurant, etc. to chat and share life experiences and common interests; help folks read prescriptions, directions, etc.; read to a person who is sight-impaired)
6)  Knowledge/Skills/Hobbies (engage in inter-generational discussions on variety of topics such as historical events, music, et al)

Volunteer Now:  Now you can be part of an exciting effort that can enable you and your neighbors to remain in your own community, helping one another make Arlington your home for a lifetime. Volunteer now to help shape and assist in meeting neighbors’ needs in both the short and long term, so that the 22202 neighborhood village is ready when you are. If you would be interested in providing and/or receiving services, please let Diane Litman know via email or phone 703-920-7638.

Slide Show of 22202 Neighbors United (NU).