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Dear Neighbor,

ARCA needs and wants your input and involvement! There are so many ways to get involved. Read the newsletter when it comes to your door or help save a tree by signing up for electronic delivery. Contribute an article on local news or a residents perspective. Ensure ARCA has your contact information. Attend ARCA meetings to keep abreast of issues and meet your neighbors. Help nominate and elect new leaders. Encourage a neighbor who is particularly passionate about an issue to volunteer with ARCA. Join the neighborhood list serve. And of course, pay your ARCA membership dues.

Annual dues are $20. Please send a check made out to "ARCA" along with the ARCA membership formpdf icon to ARCA, P.O Box 2443 Arlington, Va 22202-0443. Your address, phone number, and email address will not be released outside the Civic Association.

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Membership Committee Contacts

Patty Joyce is the chairwoman of the ARCA Membership committee. Contact her at 703-283-2522 or