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ARCA’s Position on Development in 22202

[ 0 ] November 20, 2016 |

A year ago, the ARCA membership adopted a Resolution calling on the County to postpone further up-zoning and development in 22202, above that which has already been authorized by the County, pending completion of a “holistic study by a reputable third party to determine the amount of additional density the area can reasonably accommodate without compromising its livability (and rent-ability) in light of prospective traffic and transit congestion as well as [increased demands on services and infrastructure.]”  Read the full Resolution

While County staff has amassed a volume of historic 22202 traffic and transit data over the past year, they appear at the moment to have no intention – without further prodding – to assess the impact of future, already approved development on congestion given 22202’s unique geographic and infrastructure constraints. As a result, and as previously reported, ARCA has produced its own analysis of the increased density yet to be built and occupied in Pentagon City.  And it very recently completed a draft population growth projection for just Pentagon City which shows that after all additional development is constructed and occupied in the coming years, the current resident population will double and the number of office workers will triple.

And finally, consistent with the mandate of the 2015 member Resolution, ARCA has assembled a position statement, or Talking Points, applicable to Vornado’s latest River House proposal. That statement renews ARCA’s request that the County complete a “congestion study taking into account not just historic data but also the future population growth and determine the extent to which existing infrastructure will be adequate to accommodate that growth and if not, whether the County will be able, physically and financially, to provide the necessary infrastructure to do so.” Read the full text

Of course, if that study finds that our quality of life will not be compromised by additional development, then we will be willing to support it. But we first need to be persuaded by a thoughtful, independent analysis of all relevant, objective facts, a process that should be in everyone’s interests, including the County and developers.

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